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Global Warming and Your Computer

We all love our computers and right now as you read this you know it is only because of your computer that you are. They give us the news, let us play games online and off, meet a dream partner, manage our investments, research vacations and homes, buy cars, bid for goods, watch home videos, create family photo albums, and so much more. Parting with you computer these days would be asking to part with your head.

The Problem

While we all love our computers and there isn't much debate to the wonders they give us in our everyday lives a problem exists and has existed for some time. The problem is pollution. Yup our handy little buddies are part of a global problem just as much as a solution. What is the extent of the pollution? Try 90 Billion pounds of carbon dioxide a year spewed into our atmosphere in America alone.

Fuel Consuming Computer

Okay, your computer doesn't necessarily run on carbon fuels however the electricity it uses to run daily does and the amount used has been piling up over the past few decades now as more people buy home PC units to enjoy the world of computing. Are we bad for this? My assumption is no, especially when you are probably finding this out right now. Can we help change this global warming trend that our computer's contribute to? The answer is yes.

Saving the World One Computer at a Time

So you are probably wondering what solution there may be to help reduce your contribution to this growing problem. There are many ways to help lessen the burden on our mother earth:

* Turn Off Computer When Not in Use

* Adjust Your Hibernate Mode to Idle at a Lesser Time

* Install the Free Co2 Saver from Snap Onto Your Computer

* Explore Alternative Energy for Your Home (Solar, Wind, etc.)

* Try More Outdoor Activities without a Car

Free Energy Saving Program Installs

The Co2 Saver from Snap is a cool install application that is free of spyware that allows you to monitor your computer's usage and the impact it is making on the environment in relation to carbon dioxide. It is a real nifty little tool as it lets you see what you have saved as well as how much you have consumed. It automatically can adjust your computer to the most environmentally friendly settings in your contribution to battle global warming.

Another cool install does about the same thing exact thing except it also shows you what natural resources you have saved and what you have consumed in relation to your computer's energy consumption. The program is offered by a company named UniBlue and is called Local Cooling. Both programs are entirely free, so it might be fun to see just how much of a dent you can put in the global warming trend.

While global warming and pollution may seem like a trendy topic often associated with politics, hippie parades, or MTV the topic is nothing to ignore or just show concern for one day out of a year. The reality of life is that we all have just this one planet for many generations to come. This planet is what gives us life, food, air, and water. We cannot expect to enjoy the luxury of living if we do not protect our human habitat.

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